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Are there any risks when selling a property with mortgage credit?

To know if there are any risks in selling a mortgage loan, it is important to have a preliminary investigation into the negotiation. Finding the buyer that fits the requirements and requirements of the seller is a slow process. In the majority of negotiations the seller has touched to give a little to get the sale.

Even if the sale is with a mortgage on the buyer’s side, then there is a lower risk. They are due to the fact that all the process is done by means of the financial entity that extends the preest. So, you can ensure the delivery of money by the same seller to the construction entity.


Steps to sell real estate with mortgage

Steps to sell real estate with mortgage

  • Find out with the bank that wants to apply for the mortgage that is the best option.
  • Visit and select the villa that has met your needs and expectations.
  • Visit the National Superintendent of Public Records to which you live and apply for the Literal Certificate of Ownership.
  • With all the documents of both the seller and the buyer, if it concerns the financial entity to make the request.
  • The bank will carry out the relevant credit study for the approval or rejection. There may be times when there is a pre-approved pre-test
  • When these are there and there is an approval, the bank remits to the property an appraiser the expert. It is known here that the amount that will go to the bank to buy a villa.
  • If the approval of the amount is within the negotiation values, it proceeds to carry out the contract of sale. Where firman both parts.


Ready to deliver to sell a real estate

mortgage credit

According to the previous, the next step is the bookkeeping by the Public Notary, according to the agreement established in the contract. Here, drop down the property to be entered again in Public Records under the current owner.

Aahhh! You can’t stop mentioning it more importantly. The bank will write a check to a seller directly to the entity that the seller authorizes in written form. It is also clear that the bank finances between 70 and 90%. Therefore, correct and surrender the difference in the purchase agreement. It is specified at the time of the bookkeeping firms, to be received by the seller and the full amount agreed.

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